I Love Pizza, But I Have CKD

We are huge pizza lovers in this house.  We eat pizza at least a couple of times a month.  But, with CKD this is very hard.  Pizza is full of sodium, phosphorus and potassium, among other things.  For me, with CKD, the three I mentioned are of the most importance.   I am going to review 3 pizzas below, and sure the nutrition for each.  O That’s Good, Publix Greenwise Organic Pizza, and a homemade recipe found on Davita kidney website.  O That’s Good pizza with pepperoni, by Oprah Winfrey, I actually thought would be the best, because the crust is made with 1/3 of  it with cauliflower.  I can not find the phosphorus in that brand, but I am thinking it has to have the least due to the cauliflower in the crust.  It tastes OK enough, my husband even liked it.  But, for taste I personally pick the Publix Organic Pizza.  For the nutrition results the following code will be used.  O is for Oprah’s pizza, P for Publix and H for homemade.  This is per serving of 1 slice.

O:  Phosphorus:  Unsure, but most likely the least

Potassium:  Not listed on their nutrition label.  Probably comparable to the others.

Protein:  14 grams

Sodium:  740mg  This is actually very high compared to the other 2.  I thought it was for the whole pizza, but it is per slice.

Iron:  15%

P:  Phosphorus:  Again, not listed on the label, but because flour is used you can assume it is comparable with the Homemade.  Remember a lot of this element comes from the cheese, and if you use a whole grain crust.

Potassium:  This too is disappointing because it is not listed on the label.  But, again you can consider it close to the homemade since you are using tomato based products.  Eliminate this by eating a white pizza, which means no sauce is used.  I love them.

Sodium:  280 mg  This is not horrible considering cheese is loaded with sodium.  However if you get a pizza with just mozzarella and no other type of cheese you will save some sodium.

Iron:  10%

H:  Phosphorus:  230mg

Potassium:  352 mg

Sodium:  150 mg

Iron:  No iron listed for this recipe, but is probably consistent with the other 2.

As you can see making your own pizza is the healthiest option.  Be sure to use white flour,not whole wheat to save on phosphorus.  For me I would rather have the healthier whole grains, and just limit the amount I eat, adding a salad to go with it.  You can also use lower sodium cheese options, less cheese, no sauce, etc.  Veggies, instead of cured meats, of course are always a better option.  If you want to see the homemade pizza recipe, click here.  

If you would like to learn how to cook at home for your kidney disease, or any chronic illness, use the contact form to send me a message for a free meet and greet.

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My name is Melissa. I am a certified Health Coach, Holistic Coach, Kidney Coach, LPN, can coach in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, am level 2 Reiki certified, and I want to be your Health and Wellness Coach. I am continually learning and taking classes to expand my knowledge base.

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