Is Organic Farming Better For the Environment?

Updated 3/15/2022: In reference to the section about growing my own vegetables, each year has been a little bit different. Last year we actually built raised beds and had mixed results. I learned that I need to plant my warmer vegetables in the Fall, protect them through the Winter, and then hopefully harvest them before the Summer heat begins in May. In 2021 I had decent success with herbs and fruits, but not so good with vegetables.

There is a lot of info that goes into this topic, and I will share 2 sources at the end, but the basic answer is yes.  Last week, I talked about the actual nutrition content of organic foods.  You can see that article in the archives.  Next week, the final week for this topic, I will talk about the humanity of organic farming.

Certified organic farmers can not use any synthetic fertilizers, or pest control, and can not use GMO seeds.  They have to clean up pesticides from the soil, and any water pollution, before they can plant organic foods.  This is a big part of why organic foods cost more.  They also must rotate their crops, every year or bi-year, to keep the soil healthy.  If you have been listening to the news then you know that Monsanto, owner of Roundup, has been slapped with some pretty expensive lawsuit wins, due to Roundup causing Cancer.  I am not knocking Roundup, I am just saying.  Synthetic fertilizers, and pest control agents, pollute the soil and water supplies.  I would rather not eat or drink poison, if at all possible.

However, that brings me to the next point.  Sustainability, productivity, and the ability to feed the billions in this world are some of the main hindrances to organic farming.  If it isn’t sustainable, which they are still doing studies on, then investors probably won’t invest.  If it produces too low of yield to feed billions of people, then it will never be a mainstream option. One very interesting fact, according to NIH, wealthier countries waste up to 1/3 or 33% of all foods.  That is just awful when there are starving people.   I personally think money should be invested in education for families doing small organic farming.  Even if they can only do container gardens because they live in urban areas.

I love Gardening.  I am pretty good at growing flowers, and yes some I can eat.  However, they can not sustain me or my family, either in productivity or nutrition.  I have started some vegetables, this year, and herbs.  We live in Florida, and the Summers are brutal, so I will have to be creative in keeping them watered, as we pay our water bill, and a high water bill is not sustainable to us.  I only planted what I know we will eat.  I would love to do a grain, but I simply do not have space for that.

So, now I am learning about freezing, drying, and canning in the hopes of a high yield.  The leaf lettuce we can eat all year if I can keep it cool enough.  Cilantro I can also harvest all year.  We just had a hail storm the other night, very rare also in Florida.  We had inches of hail in our small town.  It did damage some of my tomato plants, but they are pretty hearty and should be OK.  I did read that some of the local watermelon farms had extensive damage to their crop.

I encourage you to try organic, even if it is in small amounts.  We are not yet 100% organic.  The meat and dairy is incredibly expensive.  But, I do try to buy meat with no antibiotics or preservatives.  We have cut down our meat consumption by at least 70%, and I eat very little dairy.  I do eat eggs because I need them to meet dietary requirements, but I buy them in organic varieties.  Try planting something small, like an herb garden.  It is a great way to relax, unwind, talk to yourself, sing, whatever.  If you really want to learn something interesting look up the history of GMO seeds.  It started way back in the Dust Bowl.  PBS has a great documentary on the Dust Bowl.



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