Menu Plan Monday

I forgot to post my walking stats yesterday, to the FB page, so they will be posted shortly.  I hope others are taking the Walking Challenge.  If you would like more information about that, use the contact form below to message me.

My husband and I decided that we really needed to revamp the way we grocery shop.  There are 3 main reasons for this.

1-  To avoid food waste using leftovers up and food items in the pantry.

2-  To cut our grocery bill in at least half or more if possible.

3-  To eat healthier and stick cut out a lot of the junk.

Now I can tell you my kids are really not on board with this.  But, lucky for me they don’t pay any bills so we the parents have all the say.  Now that doesn’t mean there will be no snack foods or food they will enjoy eating.  But, it does mean there won’t be all the crap they like to eat so much in the house.  I was going to share the picture of my February meal plan, but then I realized my handwriting has a lot to be desired and I have funky symbols that only I know what they mean.  So, I will just list out the menu items.  You can find all of these recipes in various places on the web, mostly Pinterest for me.  I adapt them to meet my dietary needs, for CKD.  I have started shopping weekly, and last week only spent 70 dollars on food, and that was with non-food items as well.  I shopped at Save A Lot and Walmart.  I do still try to buy organic and grass-fed meats.  This is actually fairly difficult on a strict budget.  It would be easier if Trader Joe’s was not so far from where I live.  The expense of the gas just isn’t worth the trip, unless I am going to that city for another reason.

This menu does not include breakfast or lunch.  We have a frugal breakfast and lunches already.  We eat a lot of chicken, but not in large portions.

2/17-  Chicken Ala King over Biscuits, fruit

2/18-  Fried chicken, mac n cheese with whole tomatoes over it, green beans

2/19-  Grilled cheese and tomato soup, fruit

2/20- Chicken marsala, pasta, fruit or salad

2/21-  Ravioli, bread and butter, side salad

2/22-  Smothered Frito taco bowls, coleslaw

2/23-  BLT and apples

2/24-  Chicken alfredo and broccoli

2/25-  Smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans

2/26-  Spaghetti O’s, hot dogs, veggies

2/27-  Grilled cheese and tomato soup, chips

2/28-  Ground turkey and broccoli pasta dish

2/29-  Spaghetti and meat sauce, side salad

If you are interested in learning how to meal plan, edit recipes for nutrition needs, or any of my coaching services, use the contact form at the end of the post to message me.


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