Foodie Friday: How I Made My Family Weekly Menu Friendly for CKD

Welcome back!  So far the meal planning is working very well for us.  Everyone knows what we are having, and I can shop and plan for my CKD needs much easier.  Remember that I am in stage 3, stable and stable non-dialysis.  This meal plan was for this week which started on Sunday and will end Saturday.

Sunday:  BLT and apples.  Everyone eats the low sodium turkey bacon I buy.  I like BLT on French bread, but I didn’t have that, so we just used white sandwich bread.  I did not buy whole-grain bread this week, but normally I would use that for me.  Whole-grain bread is higher in phosphorus, but it is also healthier.  I am just sure to stick to one sandwich.   I do not have potassium restrictions so I can have tomato.  If you do have potassium restrictions skip the tomato or use just one slice.  I use Iceberg lettuce because it has the least amount of potassium of the lettuces available.

Monday:  Chicken Alfredo with broccoli.  This was a workday for me, so I did not make or eat this.  My daughter did make it using cauliflower alfredo and I guess they liked it.  I do not care for alfredo sauce so I probably would have just had some chicken with pasta and broccoli with a dab of butter and seasoning.  Making my own alfredo sauce rather than from a jar would save a lot of sodium.  Broccoli is high in potassium, but it also is super nutritious.  If you have to restrict your potassium choose another veggie such as carrots which would be equally good.

Tuesday:  Smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, and sliced cucumbers.  I choose the thin slice pork chops and be sure to only have one chop.  If they are large I eat half.  If I have had very little protein for the other two meals, I will eat the whole pork chop.  I prefer center cut or loin chops.  Make your own gravy if you can.  If you must use a packet limit the amount you eat, or just eliminate it.   I saute onions and white button mushrooms to smother the pork chops in.  I do not cook with salt and I use spices and vinegar for flavor. I do not add the sauteed veggies to the gravy to keep my sodium level intake lower.   Salt-free butter is also a good idea to always have on hand.  Mashed potatoes were from a packet, but if I made my own it would be much fewer sodium amounts.  Use skim milk and salt-free butter also when making homemade mashed potatoes.  My family sprinkles salt on their cucumbers I like to drizzle raspberry vinaigrette on mine.

Wednesday:  Hot dogs, spaghetti-o’s, and fruit.  So, apparently, no one likes spaghetti-os but me.  So, I ate them.  Not exactly healthy, but they need to be used and I am avoiding food waste.  I ate one hot dog, without the bun.  Bread is very high in sodium so if I can do without the bun I do.  I very rarely use Catsup either but use mustard instead.  Mustard is low in sodium, Catsup is not.  There is a low sodium version but I find it quite gross.   I am not on fluid restrictions so I drink two glasses of water with this meal due to the high sodium in the hot dog.  Boiling the hot dog instead of frying it will also remove some of the fat and sodium.

Thursday:  Grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I actually love this easy meal.  Cheese is high in protein, sodium,  and phosphorus so be sure and only eat one serving.  Choose white bread especially if you are watching your phosphorus.  I use whole grain for the fiber.  There are lower sodium tomato soups in cans, but you can also very easily make your own and control the sodium in the soup.  Swiss cheese is generally lower in sodium than other cheeses.  This was a workday for me, so I did not get to enjoy this simple comfort dinner, but I did have it for lunch before leaving for work.

Friday:  Ground turkey with pasta shells and broccoli.  This is a new recipe for me and we are having it tonight.  Ground turkey, I bought the white ground turkey, is very low and fat and sodium.  The recipe also calls for low sodium options.  Again, if you need to avoid potassium, you could choose another veggie such as cauliflower. Also, remember that a serving size of meat is 3 oz or about the size of the palm of a hand.  This will help you keep your protein, and phosphorus in check.  Par-boiling meat also helps.   You can find the recipe here on my Pinterest page

Saturday:  If there are leftovers from Friday I will take them to work with me on Saturday for my dinner.  I will be making a basic meat sauce using ground beef for my family to serve over pasta for dinner.  I will take that on Sunday for my dinner at work.  Making your own sauce will keep sodium levels low.  I don’t eat a lot of sauce, so a couple of tablespoons is all I need to be content.  Limit your meat serving to 3 ounces.   Cook and drain your ground beef before adding it to your sauce.  Use spices instead of salt to season your meat and sauce.  A side salad will round out this dinner.  Eat more salad than meat sauce and pasta.

You may be wondering what I eat when I work.  If I don’t have leftovers to bring, I will put something simple together.  Sometimes I just take a salad and fruit.  Other times I will pack two slices of bread, a tiny bit of mayo and sliced tomatoes and have a tomato sandwich.  It just depends on what is easy, and what will fit into my dietary needs for the day.  I hate to have to warm things, so I often bring cold foods.

If you would like to learn more about tricks to make meals more kidney-friendly, use the contact form below to message me for a free meet and greet.


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