How Our Muscles Get Energy

So, I signed up for a class that was not supposed to begin until June.  But, for whatever reason, it was moved up to now.  That means I am currently enrolled in 3 classes at the same time.  Two have to be on a schedule, and the last one I can meander through.  The first class a Sports Medicine and Nutrition class is a bit more than I expected.  While I am finding the class very informative, some of the information is complicated.  Today I learned about ATP and how our muscles get their energy.  Unfortunately, it was not so easy to understand the way it was explained.  So, I went to Youtube to see if anyone had it there explained just a bit easier.  I found the video below, and I really like the way he explains it.  Watch it and see how your muscles make energy.  It is so very interesting.  The human body is amazing!

I also got my step platform yesterday, and yes step aerobics is much more demanding than I expected.  I am definitely sweating on Sunday, and every day, lol.  I have to be careful to maintain my heart rate in moderate levels only, due to CKD.

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