14 Days Of Gratitude and Stuffing!

Updated 11/11/2021: The original post is from last year, and I have added a couple of Mediterranean Style turkey stuffing recipes, because it is Dementia month, and the Mediterranean Diet may help prevent it. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served!

OMG, I was supposed to do this post yesterday, as now Thanksgiving is 13 days away, but I posted something else, lol. So, now it will go until Black Friday. I urge you to join me in this. You don’t have to be public about it, it can be a private journal, and technically we should be grateful every single day. This is a great way to get into the habit of being grateful every day for what you have, instead of being bummed for what you don’t have. It is not easy, especially when life gets rough and ugly. For years I had painted on our front door a huge gratitude tree, and each life had a different word on it. Each year we added new things we were grateful for. I did eventually have to paint over it as it got faded and chipped, but what a wonderful thing my whole family enjoyed doing. I looked for a picture of it, but couldn’t find one. Every day for 2 weeks I will post a prompt for you and me to contemplate and then write about. With the holidays coming my topics will change a little bit.

Day 1 gratitude prompt: Open your windows and look outside. Write what you are grateful for. This one was super easy for me. I love the outdoors, and nature. I love to open my windows and let clean fresh air in. My windows are open right now, with fans in them, and I live in Florida. It finally cooled off again, so I could do this. I grew up in upstate NY and as soon as it was above freezing I would open the windows. I didn’t put fans in, and it didn’t last long like 30 minutes tops, but it infused fresh crisp air into the house airing out winter blues and germs. I walk outside, every day, even if it is raining. I don’t walk in hard rain, but soft rain is just fine. I love to watch the birds and take pictures of nature. I use an app called Inaturalist to upload pics and people identify what the image is. This is also a way for scientists to track plants and animals in my area. So, even if I already know what it is I upload it anyways. I have learned so much from this app and it is a very pleasurable and relaxing thing for me, and I am so grateful I discovered it. I am grateful for my big backyard where so much of my walking is done. I do laps while I play ball with the dog. He gets exercise and attention, and it works great for both of us. If you are not an outside person, I highly recommend you try it. Be observant and learn to love and be grateful for all of the unique things that surround you. Even if you live in the city, there has to be some small spot for nature lovers. Oh, and before I forget I now have 200 followers of this blog. I am so grateful to all of you!

Now, as I mentioned Thanksgiving is 13 days away. While we have not decided about guests and visiting, we will still have our dinner. I may have to work, I am not sure yet. Be sure and read my post on CDC and Thanksgiving. Part of our menu will be stuffing, as I am sure most people have. Now I don’t eat much stuffing, it just isn’t something I care for, especially since I am low carb. Boy, I hope I can stick to that on Thanksgiving, lol. Plus stuffing is high in sodium. Now, you could make your own, which we have done, but it takes a while and never tastes as good. Publix had these Pepperidge Farm stuffing mixes buy one get one free, so I got two. I bought them because there were no ingredients with the word PHOS on the label. Now, that does not mean there is no Phosphorus in there, it just doesn’t have any added. Bread is generally high in Phosphorus so I can assume there has to be at least some. What I do with CKD is eat only a serving size according to the label. If you have Phosphorus binders be sure to take them. When I used to work in the hospital, every year we would get so many sick people after the holidays who didn’t follow their diet or didn’t even have a diet with proper education and knowledge to follow the diet. Don’t let this be you. If you would like to learn more about my Holistic Health Coaching services, use the contact after all of the images to message me for a free email meet and greet. All new customers get one month of coaching for just 25 dollars.

Check out these 2 recipes for Mediterranean Style turkey stuffing, one, and two. Be Mindful of the phosphorus in some of these grains. Generally speaking for CKD, white bread is the best option if you have Phosphorus issues. Store-bought stuffing kits are generally high in sodium and phosphorus additives. If you can buy organic it will most likely be much lower in Phosphorus additives and may not have any. Be sure and read the label for any words with PHOS in the ingredients.


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