14 days of Gratitude: Day 2 and the outdoor christmas tree

Happy Saturday! I am happy you are here. Today is day 2 of my 14 days of gratitude journaling challenge. Did you do day 1? Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite scents? Now it was meant to be scent as in one, but unfortunately I can not pick just one. So, I made it scents. While I love a lot of scents I definitely have some favorites. I like scents in candles and air fresheners, but they aren’t really natural scents. So, I am sticking with natural scents.

My most favorite natural scents:

1-Apple cinnamon They can be separate but I especially love them together.

2- Jasmine


4- Peppermint

5- Fresh crisp clean air, usually in Fall when it is dry and lovely.

I am grateful I can smell these lovely things. I have a sister who can not smell at all. I feel so bad for her, not that she complains. I am so sensitive to smell that I can not cook meals overnight in the crockpot like some lucky ladies can. I will smell it all night and it will keep me awake, lol. I also had to stop using my diffuser at night as the smells would disturb my sleep. So weird, lol!

What are your favorite scents? Think about it and write them down. If you are not sure go on a smell testing adventure, and then be grateful you discovered them.

Today, for Self Care Saturday, I am sharing a post I found on Pinterest about the Outdoor Christmas Tree. We had done a variety of this many years ago when my kids were small using pine cones. We put them on our porch to better see the birds. But, what a lovely idea of decorating a tree just for our feathered friends. We have Palm Trees in our yard, not exactly a traditional Christmas Tree, but we can easily see them. We also have some evergreen trees on the edges of the yard. We could decorate them too as the birds love those trees, but we just won’t be able to bird watch as well. I probably won’t do this until closer to Christmas because the end of December, January, and February is when we really get tons of birds visiting. I will be sure and share a picture when we do it and maybe some birds visiting too. I will try a video. You can read how to do an Outdoor Christmas Tree, here. You may be wondering how this is Self Care. Well, for two reasons. 1- You are being kind to nature, and 2- through the beauty of watching the birds that will visit you may find peace and relaxation. I know I do.

Starting the day after Thanksgiving I will be sharing gift-giving ideas that will be geared towards people with CKD. They will not be affiliate links, just things I find and love myself, or have added to my list. Be sure to watch for that.


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