3 excellent reasons why you should not eat a big mac!

Happy Food on Friday! I am not technically singling out a Big Mac, but Big Mac is the fast food choice of my teenager. The purpose is to educate her, and anyone else that consumes fast food more than three times a week, exactly what they are, and are not getting when you eat a Big Mac.

A reader sent me a message asking why I want to lose weight. The question was in reference to my new Losing Weight With Melissa subscription. I will answer this question in a blog post next week.

I found an article on MedicalNewsToday talking about what happens to your body after you eat a Big Mac. It was determined that some of the statements made about the Big Mac were most likely hyperbole. But, I wanted to point out one that the expert said probably was not true and that was that the high sodium in the Big Mac would not cause dehydration. You can read the article yourself by clicking the highlighted link, but as someone who has CKD I can affirm that indeed that much sodium in one meal is going to dehydrate me. Unless I consume an excess of liquid with it. That goes for any high sodium meal not just a Big Mac. If you have kidney disease then you should know how much sodium you are consuming.

So, what are my 3 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Not Eat A Big Mac?

1- The Big Mac is high in Fat. Not only does a Big Mac contain 30 grams of fat which is 38% of the recommended daily value for fat, but a Big Mac contains 11 grams of saturated fat. That is a whopping 38% of your whole days worth of recommended saturated fats.

2- The Big Mac is very high in Sodium. One Big Mac, not including fries or anything else you might eat with it, contains 1,010 mg of Sodium. In case you don’t know Sodium is salt. If you are on a 2 G sodium diet for kidney disease or heart disease, which is 2,000 mg, you just consumed over half of your daily allotment of sodium. If you are not on a restricted sodium diet you still are consuming 44% of your daily recommendation for salt intake.

3- Not that the first two reasons are not good enough reasons to not eat a Big Mac, there are virtually very little other nutrients in a Big Mac. You will get 3 grams of fiber which is not all that great. You will get 25% of your daily value of Iron. To me this is about the only plus that there might be to eating a Big Mac. You will get 10% of your daily allowance for Calcium. Last but not least you will get 8% of your daily allowance for Potassium. That is it folks. Now I can assume there are some other vitamins in there that are not required on the label, or there just isn’t enough of them to be on the label.

Full disclosure we eat fast food! I have already mentioned my teen’s love for Big Macs. But, it is our goal to have a healthier lifestyle by making healthier food choices. We have cut fast food down to only once a week and we are doing a spend down our debt year for 2021. This should reduce our eating out to only once a month. In some parts of the country a Big Mac can be bought for only a dollar on the dollar menu. This makes the Big Mac even more appealing to young people, busy parents, or anyone with a tight budget. To me this makes this type of food even more dangerous to the health of millions of people. Maybe you can’t cook, or don’t think you have time to cook. What are some better options that could be considered quick or convenient? Milk, tuna, eggs, tofu and quinoa are all great options if you are looking for a good protein source. If you don’t mind carbs a whole box of pasta can be bought for a dollar. Add a little salt and butter and you have a meal. Most pastas have 8 grams of protein per serving the same as one large egg. Milk is portable and can be bought in smaller cartons. If you truly want to eat healthier but still need quick options there are ways to do it. Now I know someone is going to say Milk is not healthy. There are studies that go both ways, just like everything else, but I am 100% certain it is a healthier option than a Big Mac.

What would make you stop eating a Big Mac? I asked my teen that question and she said nothing. That is my purpose in these posts to change the mindset that because she has no issues right now in the long run eating these types of foods are going to have negative effects. There are studies that show that eating these types of fast foods increases the risk of Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and yes Cancer. What if fast food companies were required to put on their packaging that consuming these types of foods can lead to Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer, would that get someone’s attention more? Cigarette companies were forced to do it and smoking decreased exponentially. These nutrition facts came right from the McDonald’s website. You can also check out the ingredients which I didn’t even talk about.

They say Knowledge is Power, but there is not much power when the knowledge is not accepted as truth. Denial is a very powerful weapon against knowledge! Change is hard, very hard!

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