Low Calorie food #2 and it helps hbp!

Hello, Friday! This is my weekend to work which is a bummer because it is Mother’s Day and my daughter’s 17th birthday. But, don’t worry we are celebrating this evening at a local restaurant that is a favorite of hers. So, I had a low calorie lunch because eating out is always tuff when you follow a certain type of eating lifestyle, namely low carb for me. I am not Keto! Believe it or not Keto is not for everyone, for lots of reasons. I will talk more about that when I do my Low Carb and Keto diet post. The meal I will share below had a total of only 185 calories for the whole plate! Keep reading! There will also be cake, of course, and I can’t wait, lol.

Last week I talked about Cucumbers. This week’s low calorie food is Cauliflower. I picked this vegetable because studies have shown that it can also help lower Blood Pressure, and since all May I am discussing Blood Pressure it was a perfect fit. Cauliflower is very low calorie around 25 calories per serving, and a serving is a cup. You can eat it raw, or cooked. I did not jump on the riced cauliflower bandwagon for a long time. Raw cauliflower causes me to have gas and bloating. I just wasn’t sure I would like the consistency or flavor once it was cooked. But, I have to tell you once it is cooked the consistency is similar to brown rice and the flavor kind of melds with whatever you cook it with. So, if you are looking to replace rice in meals, riced cauliflower is perfect. You can make your own, but I just buy it frozen, or from Sam’s in pre-packets. See the images below. It has about 2.5 mg of carbs, and fiber per serving, so it evens out perfectly. It is also a very low sodium food perfect if you have CKD like me. Plus, for CKD, it only has 32 mg of Phosphorus per serving and 142 mg of Potassium per serving. It does contain a lot of water, so if you are on fluid restrictions always track the water in your food too, not just beverages. Cauliflower also has Choline and Folate both of which are extremely healthy for pregnant moms to be. It is very filling as well! I always feel like I have to add this. Do not stop taking your blood pressure meds and start eating just cauliflower! Always discuss with your doctor so you can be properly monitored. Hypertensive Crisis is a serious thing!

Cauliflower really is versatile as an ingredient. The recipe I used below was just one packet of the Earthly Choice riced cauliflower bought at Sam’s, 2.5 ounces of leftover chicken thigh from a dinner this week, and leftover sauteed baby carrots with just a touch of onion and pepper. I added 2 tbsp of the sweet chili sauce, and it was perfect! You can always leave that off and it will take off 45 calories but it adds a ton of fabulous flavor. This was super fast to cook up as everything is basically cooked. I just cooked it in a tsp of olive oil and added some red wine vinegar. Everything else was already seasoned. All that food for 185 calories! You can make this ahead and take in work lunches too. Easy peasy!

Do you like cauliflower? Let me know in the comments your favorite way to eat it.


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