What Lurks In Your Drains?

Hello, and welcome to another Healthy Tip on Tuesday. Halloween is this week, if you live in the US, and I thought something creepy would be fun.

When you think of your sink or tub drain, do you think it contains loads of bacteria? Believe it or not, it does, and you might be surprised that most of that bacteria comes from washing your hands and it washing down the drain. Hospitals found that handwashing was possibly leading to increased levels of resistant bacteria, and when they started to disinfect down the drains their cases went down. Of course, food, toothpaste, dirt, and any other item that goes down the drain, and sits there can grow germs. Check out my post on why you should be disinfecting your home every day.

Of course, germs can live on any surface including your hands, face, phone, tv remote, handles, keys, etc. Disinfecting frequently touched items on a daily basis can keep you from getting sick. Make it a habit, and it will soon be routine for you to do it.

Below are some fun videos for you to watch on this topic. If you would like to know how to disinfect your drains you can read here, and here.


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My name is Melissa. I am a certified Health Coach, Holistic Coach, Kidney Coach, LPN, can coach in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, am level 2 Reiki certified, and I want to be your Health and Wellness Coach. I am continually learning and taking classes to expand my knowledge base.

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