What To Expect On This Blog In 2022!

Happy New Year! I worked all weekend, per usual, and it was a doozy. I slept so well last night that I am wondering if every day should be a doozy, lol. On Saturday I had a step count of 16,500 steps and Sunday 14,500 steps. That is a lot of steps!

Before I get into what to expect to read about on this blog in 2022, I want to recommend a book to all of my readers. The Obesity Epidemic is all about just what it states. I am not going to go into details, and I have not completed the book as of yet. It is kind of boring in parts, and some of it is kind of redundant, but it really is worth the read. This is not a paid post. I like to share information and products that I truly find worth investigating.

So, if you haven’t guessed I will be moving away from talking about weight loss either through calorie reduction or exercise. I will still discuss food and exercise because they are important just not in a weight loss kind of way. My Walking Buddy plan will always be available because walking is vital to good health. So, what will I talk about? Keep reading to find out.

  1. I will be introducing a new Health Coaching Plan called The Better Me Plan. There are far more things to make better about one’s self than weight loss and fitness. I think the Health industry is totally obsessed with these two things and it is a shame. It will be rolled out this week or next.
  2. I will start uploading the slides, with discussion, from my AKF Kidney Coach class that I have not been able to do in person since Covid started. I will do a new slide each week and people can ask questions, or leave comments. I will try to do a voice over with each slide to be uploaded to Youtube. I am hoping this will work as I think it makes it seem more like a live class if I am speaking and can be heard. These particular posts will most likely occur each Wednesday.
  3. For the month of January I will be discussing retirement, planning for elder years, living wills, etc. If this ends up being a ton of information I will extend it into February. Since I am now taking classes my time for blogging may be pinched, but I don’t think so. My husband and I have a goal for this year to continue to spend down our debt, and be debt free before we retire, and to get all of our important papers in order.
  4. On Foodie Fridays I will be discussing shelf stable foods in relation to having CKD. Eventually I would like to do short videos, but I am not equipped as of yet.
  5. I will add in some other fun content for holidays, bone health, improving balance to prevent falls, funny stuff, and anthing else I find interesting to squeeze in here and there.

If you find any of this interesting be sure and follow this blog so you will get an email update every time I post something new. Always feel free to leave me a spam-free pertinent comment and I will gladly allow it, and respond to it. Share this blog with anyone you think might find benefit in it.


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My name is Melissa. I am a certified Health Coach, Holistic Coach, Kidney Coach, LPN, can coach in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, am level 2 Reiki certified, and I want to be your Health and Wellness Coach. I am continually learning and taking classes to expand my knowledge base.

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