Eating From My Pantry With CKD: End Of Week 2

Happy Friday! Even though the week doesn’t technically end until Sunday, I know we have everything we need to get to then without buying anything. So, I can safely say that in week 2 I spent 19.56 from my 63 dollar budget, which means I saved $43.44. Now, next week, as we have eaten a lot from our pantry from the last two weeks, I will have a little bit of a bigger food haul to buy, but still not a lot.

For clarification, because someone asked me, The Pantry Challenge is a two-pronged challenge. It is a budget challenge, and a challenge to eat what we have and see if I can still feel well with CKD while eating shelf-stable type products. Even when I buy shelf-stable items I try to buy organic as they don’t have all of the stuff I may not want in them. My organic items are running out and the real challenge will begin. Can I still afford those items on this budget of 63 dollars a week? I may not be able to and I may have to just stop buying the shelf-stable items that make me feel junky most likely from added phosphorus in those foods. Case in point we were treated to Chinese takeout last night and yes I feel yucky today. The sodium and most likely phosphorus in the batters and sauces are not good for people with CKD.

From my last post on this topic, we are still eating leftover soup as there was so much, and meatballs and pasta. I did use a can of green beans, and my daughter used a box of macaroni and cheese from our current inventory. She also used a pizza crust, sauce, and cheese. I ate some of the salad as well.

Tonight, we are having pork chops from the freezer and broccoli. I had popcorn for breakfast, lol. Popcorn is an awesome snack, but you do have to maintain portion control because it does naturally contain phosphorus. I air pop it to avoid added chemicals in microwave kinds.

The weekends are tough for me because I work 12-hour shifts and it is hard to plan ahead, especially on Sunday. But, I am going to prep some stuff tonight to keep me fed and hydrated over the weekend. Sunday my husband is cooking the extra turkey we bought at Thanksgiving and we are having family over for dinner after I get out of work.

Monday is shopping day and I think I will go to Aldi. Their prices are slightly lower than Walmart and I will have to see if it is worth the drive with gas prices. I will share my grocery haul and the amount spent. I am hoping to be able to get good organic items and stay within my budget. We do not need meat and that is good because organic meat is expensive. I can get it from Misfits Market but with a 30 dollar limit to buy, I need to wait until I need more things.

One more little tidbit. This 63 dollar-a-week budget is about half of what we normally would spend, so even after the food we have on hand is depleted it will still be large savings if we can stick to it. All monies saved will go towards spending down debt, home improvements, and my daughter’s graduation.

Do you have CKD? Do you eat processed or shelf-stable foods? How do you feel? Drop me a note in the comments. If you would like to learn how using a Health Coach like Health Buddy Melissa, can help you learn more about your kidneys, send me an email using the contact form below.


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My name is Melissa. I am a certified Health Coach, Holistic Coach, Kidney Coach, LPN, can coach in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, am level 2 Reiki certified, and I want to be your Health and Wellness Coach. I am continually learning and taking classes to expand my knowledge base.

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