Romantic Dinners For People With CKD!

Hello, hello! This is my first Sunday post in forever. Today was the last day at my current job and I only did 8 hours instead of 12. No more 12-hour shifts! If you have CKD, like me, you know how difficult these long days are. I never get to stay hydrated enough, and my eating habits are bad. My new job will start within a week, I am thinking.

Are you a romantic? I am not a romantic, not even a little. That doesn’t mean I don’t like a lovely dinner once in a while. We like to eat out, but we have started a savings plan for this year, so it has to be kept to a minimum. I also don’t like crowds or standing in line forever just to eat. So, I found 3 delicious romantic meals you can cook right at home, that should be relatively good even if you have CKD. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I am not at all prepared with a special dinner. However, I do know there are two small steaks in my freezer that I can make. I very rarely eat red meat, and these are small steaks.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes and if you like them.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember to love your special people every day, not just one special day. You could leave the chicken out and make this a meatless meal which is even better for CKD. You could even make the ravioli homemade, but who wants to do that? LOL. Having butternut squash stuffed in the ravioli rather than cheese, or meat will reduce the phosphorus in the food. I don’t like asparagus, but broccoli would be OK. If you have issues with potassium consider cauliflower or roasted radishes on the side. This one is very easy, but I would skip the feta and use parmesan cheese instead, fresh is best. Quinoa can be high in phosphorus so be mindful of your portion size. I don’t even care for seafood and this one sounds decadent. This one would probably be the most expensive. Parsley is very high in potassium so use it as more of a garnish.

If you need an idea for a fast and easy tablescape for your Valentine’s Day table, watch the video below.


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